19-21 June 2018 | London, UK<

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The only OSV conference worldwide exclusively for a naval audience

The importance of oceanographic/hydrographic survey vessels (OSVs) have long been well-understood. However only in the last 5 years has a new growth market been emerging amongst so-called “Tier-2 navies” in North Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia—particularly those with recent or planned submarine acquisitions.

With 373 ships in service with 45 countries plus NATO and with 29 vessels on order in 9 countries, there are known current requirements for at least 8 new OSVs of different levels of sophistication that could be worth US$ 1.6 billion with a forecast showing requirements in at least 20 countries over the next five years worth at least a further US$ 4 to 5 billion.

Defence IQ’s research has shown that OSVs tend to be operated largely by navies or, in the case of nations with a territorial survey requirement, by their coast guards or even other government branches such as Food, Agriculture and Fisheries ministries or sometimes in collaboration with marine science institutions with supplemental government funding. The Defence IQ OSV conference will focus squarely on naval requirements for OSVs where there is a strategic security benefit and/or where there is also a clear economic case.

What Navies, Coast Guards and National Hydrographic Offices can learn from OSV 2016

  • Understand the economic and security benefits of owning this class of vessel
  • Learn how OSVs impact marine resource management, improve EEZ policing, enhance your strategic security and contribute to Maritime Domain Awareness
  • Acquire the information and skills needed to successfully build and present a compelling strategic and economic case for OSV acquisition for your navy
  • Recognise the pros and cons of different designs for such vessels and how they impact build and operational costs.
  • Learn about the choices your peers made in deciding on embarked equipment; UUVs, sensors, etc., to create a capability that is right for your nation’s needs and budget.

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