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The CMRE's role in increasing skills and investment in ocean science to protect NATO's strategic maritime priorities

Navies across the world are shifting their strategic thinking onto oceanographic and hydrographic vessels, ocean systems, submarines and maritime unmanned vehicles as they could enable them to achieve maritime dominance over adversaries. NATO's Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation is ...

Survey Vessels, Hydrographic Services and Ocean Systems 2018 Market Report

NATO and its partners are increasing their investment into ocean sciences into their defence budgets, not only for the enduring need for oceanographic and hydrographic survey to ensure safe navigation of international waters and the vast collection of commercial and ecological uses of environment ...

Oceanographic Survey Vessels Market Overview

Download the update on the requirements for oceanographic survey vessels globally.

The Oceanographic Survey Vessels Global Requirements and Analysis Map

Check out this map to see the world's current and future OSV requirements.

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Oceanographic survey vessels: A security necessity?

With investment into new, multi-role naval vessels and submarines increasing worldwide, and projections on the Blue Economy suggesting its worth at $2.4 trillion per year, now is an opportune moment to reflect on the utility of oceanographic survey vessels and other surveying capabilities. Ahead of this year's OSV conference, Defence...

Oceanographic Survey Vessels: Security Impact & National Requirements

Oceanographic Survey Vessels 2017 will take place in London on 21-22 June, with briefings from international navy hydrographic chiefs, coast guard specialists and scientific researchers. Ahead of the event, this report explores some of the core issues facing survey vessels today, from the justification of their utility as strategic security...